Q: Can I transfer or give the band to someone else?
A: You may give a DC TAG to someone as a gift. The recipient would have to register their band using their information and credentials.
Q: How long is the band good for? Is there an expiry date?
A: The chip has an expiry date, which typically lasts 5 years. The expiry of your Mini-tag (chip) is printed on it.
Q: Is there a warranty on the band?
A: No.
Q: If I lose my band, is there a cost to replace it?
A: Yes, the cost to replace the band is $15. Please contact the DC TAG Support team at 1800 301 100 for a replacement. Don’t forget to have them cancel your lost DC TAG first.
Q: Are there service fees for using the band?
A: Yes. Click here for details.
Q: Is the band waterproof?
A: Yes.
Q: If the DC TAG is lost or stolen, do I lose the funds?
A: DC Payments will cancel your lost or stolen DC TAG and transfer the remaining balance onto a new DC TAG as soon as it is reported. Please contact the support center for assistance.
Q: Can my child use the DC TAG?
A: You can allow someone else to use your DC TAG if you wish, but if you are the registered user, you will be funding the balance of the DC TAG, you are responsible for its use.
Q: What do I do if my DC TAG stops working?
A: Please call DC TAG Support at 1800 301 100. Our call center representatives will assess each individual call by asking you a series of questions to assist in their investigation.
Q: Will my DC TAG be accepted everywhere tap is accepted?
A: Your DC TAG can be used wherever Visa payWave is accepted, in Australia. More and more merchants are offering the convenience of paying with Visa payWave every day.
Q: How much can I load on my DC TAG?
A: The maximum balance on your tag is $500. You may load anywhere between $20 and $500 each time you load.
Q: Does the DC TAG have a transaction limit?
A: Yes, you can use your DC TAG for transactions of $100 or less including taxes without a PIN, or up to $500 with a PIN.
Q: Where can I order a DC TAG?
A: Go to https://mydctag.com.au.
Q: Why did my transaction fail?
A: Has your DC TAG been activated? If not, log in at https://prepaidcards.indue.com.au/dctag using the temporary password provided to you after you registered and activate your DC TAG now.

If you have purchased a DC TAG at retail and have not yet registered, go to https://prepaidcards.indue.com.au/dctag/Activation/VerifyCard.aspx to register your DC TAG.

Please check to ensure that your DC TAG has not been cancelled and that you have sufficient funds to make the purchase.

If you still require assistance, please call DC TAG Support at 1800 301 100.
Q: Is my payment information shared with anyone?
A: We do not share your bank account information with third parties without your consent.
Q: Where can I find out more information?
A: More information can be found in the Conditions of Use, which can be found at https://mydctag.com.au/signup/Agreement.
The DC Tag is issued by Indue Limited pursuant to a licence by Visa Worldwide Pte Limited